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As a Clubmark accredited club Wokingham Canoe Club has adopted certain policies which demonstrate our commitment to providing a safe environment for all our members. We have a code of conduct which all members (and parents of junior members) should be aware of and adhere to.

The club has also adopted a disciplinary policy and a procedure for the resolution of disputes. In addition to its own policies and procedures the club also adheres to the rules and policies of the British Canoeing.

In this section you can access all those policies together with the rules and constitution of the club. These policies can also be found on the notice board at the club.

Club Policies & Procedures

Club Forms


Membership information is now on the Membership Page.

Risk Assessments


Following are available from British Canoeing Policies, Guidance & Templates

  • SPC-P1 Child and Vulnerable Groups Protection Policy
  • SPC-P2 Safeguarding Whistle Blowing Policy
  • SPC-P3 Anti Bullying Policy
  • SPC-P4 Disclosure Policy
  • SPC- P5 Safe Storage and Handling of Sensitive Material Policy
  • SPC- P6 British Canoeing Safeguarding Adults Policy


  • SPC- G6 BCU Photographic Guidelines
  • SPC- G9 Paddlesafe Away Trips
  • SPC- G10 Paddlesafe Events
  • SPC- G11 Physical Contact and Young People Guidelines
  • SPC- G20 Text and Email Messaging Guidance


  • SPC- T1 Club Child Protection Policy
  • SPC- T2 Junior Code of Conduct
  • SPC-T3 Club Code of Conduct
  • SPC-T4 Paddlesport Consent Form
  • SPC-T5 Club Welfare Officer Job Description
  • SPC-T6 Event Welfare Officer Job Description
  • SPC-T7 Reference form for club volunteer coach