Dragon boating

Dragon boating is one of the world’s fastest growing paddlesports but has a history going back to the first century in China.

Our club’s dragon boaters, the Wokingham Kingfishers team, is a mixed crew including men and women of all ages as well as juniors over 8 years of age. The team trains hard but sometimes enjoys a cup of tea after a paddle instead of a race! River conditions permitting, the paddlers train all year round on Sunday mornings at 10:00.

The straight sections of the river Thames between Caversham and Sonning are ideal for paddling drills to practice strong race starts, and develop endurance, speed and timing. The sessions are lifted by spirited team banter and we always take a few moments to enjoy being outside on a lovely stretch of the river. We often see red kites, herons, and occasionally the keen-eyed paddler will glimpse the flash of turquoise of our team namesake.

Beginners are very welcome! Paddlers wanting to have a go should wear comfortable sportswear suitable for the time of year and bring a water bottle for breaks. You are invited for three trial sessions (£5 per session) before making any commitment to join the club. For more information email kingfishers@wokinghamcanoeclub.co.uk.

Sessions inlcuding the use of club boats and kit are free of charge for club members