Use of club equipment

To use any club equipment (boats, paddles, helmets, spray decks, buoyancy aids) outside of the regular club sessions, permission must be sought from one of the following:

Recreation Officer for recreational and dragonboating equipment. As we do not have a recreational officer at present, please email your request to

Racing Officer for racing equipment

If the above are not available then permission may be sought from:

Bosun, or Chair

All equipment must be booked out in the logbook and the name of the Officer giving permission must be entered.

Please also note:

  •     Seats should be securely fixed into racing boats.
  •     Do not place racing boats on the ground – use the stands provided.
  •     All boats should be wiped down, dried and returned to the correct rack after use.
  •     Please return all club equipment to the club storage bay after use.
  •     Please report any damage to the Bosun
  •     Please note the rules regarding the use of racing boats has recently changed, see club rules for details.

See the club rules for full details.